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‘Pivot 2 Win ItTM!’ Soft Launching in Australia


Strategy Physics Puzzler ‘Pivot 2 Win ItTM!’ Soft Launching in Australia

LAS VEGAS – June. 20, 2018 – Bush League Games is soft launching its strategy physics puzzler, Pivot 2 Win ItTM!, in Australia.

Pivot 2 Win ItTM’s Story Mode takes inspiration from classic games like Pachinko, while giving players more control over the board’s layout and providing a more thoughtful experience that rewards skill over luck. Players can pivot ramps to help with reaching the goal, make use of power-ups and character abilities at the perfect time, and ultimately make a great escape.

Join Cheeks, Brutus, Trixie, Roo, and Stretch, a heroic team of cartoon mice caught in a mysterious laboratory experiment. After exposure to an untested serum each mouse is granted a special skill, such as the ability to break through pegs or jump over massive sections of the board.  Upon discovering their newfound powers, the mice unite to dash for freedom and enjoy some minigame along the way.

Minigames are also inspired by familiar favorites – such as Trixie Tap (Whack-A-Mouse), Cheeks Coin Crazy (Match Three) and Brutus Bash (Monty Hall Game), with even more to come. A turn-based competitive multiplayer mode will even allow players to challenge each others’ skills as they go mouse-to-mouse in an epic, family-friendly showdown.

“We wanted Pivot 2 Win ItTM! to offer players a mixture of accessibility and familiarity, while also giving them something new to enjoy” said TJ Fechser, founder of Bush League Games. “With the Australia soft launch, we’re going to make sure Pivot 2 Win ItTM! will be in prime condition to test players’ skills for the global release.”

Bush League Games is producing a tabletop edition of Pivot 2 Win ItTM!, as well as implementing real-world rewards for in-game achievements for when the game releases worldwide on mobile devices later this year. Prizes will include special pieces for the physical edition which can only be won in the mobile app.

Pivot 2 Win ItTM! will be free-to-play on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and the iOS App Store and will be available in English. The game will feature optional microtransactions for virtual currency that enhance the play experience in a wide variety of ways including more opportunities to play minigames and more multiplayer action.

Learn more by visiting the official website, or following Pivot 2 Win ItTM! on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Bush League Games’ growing collection of works can be played solo or with friends, and with titles available on iOS, Android, Amazon, or coming soon as family-friendly board games, Bush League Games is ready to bring the fun.

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